I have no idea what I'm trying to say either.

24th April 2014

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I thought it said “Keep Calm and face your Anal Exams”

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24th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: Haha, you look like a nazi. So glad your type will die off soon.



"Haha, you look like a Jew. So glad your kind will die off soon."

See how that sounds?

*pumps shot gun *
How does that sound you racist piece of shit .

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24th April 2014


Basic rule: Love everyone

Except racists. Racists are fuckheads. Racists are not worth the air they breathe. Racists are not worth the time it takes to acknowledged their existence. 

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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014


I want my hair cut. I don’t care anymore. It’s giving me pimples and I can’t do anything fun with it.

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24th April 2014

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I accidentally put my mohawk selfie as my profile pic on okc.


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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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24th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: I am about to cut ties with a VERY toxic person. Is there any sort of spell that will help prevent our paths from crossing again? Simply avoiding each other is a lot easier said than done in this case, as we have mutual friends and are part of some of the same communities.


Make a poppet after this person, then you will go as far as you can from your house and nail the poppet to a tree (dead one preferably) 

You will need about five nails. You will nail its hands, feet, and forehead to the tree (make sure it faces towards the tree)

24th April 2014


Starting to wish I had bought food yesterday. 

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